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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by watpoae View Post
What are peoples opinions on daily multi-vitamin tablets?

I got this months fighting fit mag and in their nutrition guide it states that it's recommended to take them.

I used to take them, but I'd say I eat pretty healthy (get more than my five a day by having a banana, kiwi, apple, alpen high fruit cereal plus veg with meals) so I stopped as I felt I was getting enough of them in my diet.

Can it do more harm than good to take them or not? The reason I stopped taking them was that I read that if you have a pretty good diet you'll be over doing it.

If if it advisable to still take them, is the one with added iron the best option?

Sounds like your diet should provide what you need but it can't hurt to take them, they are "supplements" so consider them as such, they supplement your normal vitamin intake.

Take a decent multi-vitamin, 1000mg cod liver oil and B-Complex tablet and that should cover it.
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