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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Angel Cotto

Originally Posted by bucktoof View Post
he clearly meant he bet the under. look at the context. half dollar's statement was in a montage of ppl in floyd's camp telling cotto how bad he was gonna get his ass whooped and be "put to sleep."

1/2 a buck must not watch much boxing.
yea, I agree with you. I thought he meant under, it made more sense in the context. but he doesn't have to know boxing, he can just listen to what Floyd tells him. that's what he did for Ortiz, Floyd told him to bet on the fight not going the distance. real interesting if Floyd told him that again for this fight. Floyd did open up at times with some hard combinations well before the 9.5, so if he was trying to let it go over, those times he was doing that wouldn't have made much sense. do you think Floyd was trying to end it under and have 50 win his bet but he just failed to do so?
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