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Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post
I don't consider the "Russian Empire" as a multicultural society. I don't Consider the "Hapsburg Austrian Empire" a multicultural society either

Multicultural =/= other peoples invaded by 1 dominant group

Multicultural = Many groups irrespective of ethnicity living together in a fair and unbiased society

You are thinking of Empire...

Russian Empire = Fins,Lithuanians,Latvians,Estonians,Tatars,Poles,Ukrainians,Belarus under Russian rule

Polish-Lithuanian - Ukrainians,Belarus, Jews, Gypsies, Latvians, Tatars, under Polish Rule

Empire =/= Multicultural
i'm afraid you're confusing the political ethos of multiculturalism, which sees diversity as a goal to be striven for, with a multicultural society, which is simply a descriptive term with no value judgement attached to it. of course the russian empire was multicultural. it was also an empire, discriminatory and repressive. none of those are contradictory.

the argument is irrelevant to the point, however, which is that poland and polishness have traditionally never been the kind of ethnically-pure concepts that was implied, and that many poles are descended from immigrants from all sorts of backgrounds. izu was born in poland, went to polish schools, speaks polish, is a polish citizen, describes himself as polish, votes in polish elections... he's as polish as the next nowak, or miller, or tusk, or cygan.

anyway, that's my last comment on it. the thread's been hijacked by this tbh.

masternak is in danger of learning some bad defensive habits from fighting poor opposition, he needs to be challenged properly to reach his potential.
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