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Default Re: Haye and Chisora each fought the wrong Klitschko

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
Fantastic post Moneypaysbills! You're a credit to this forum, it's great to have posters of your ilk on here. I wholeheartedly agree with your thesis, we've seen Vitali countered and punished against slick defensive counter punchers like Byrd and more recently Solis. If Haye can slip Vitali's jabs, he can land his looping Hayemakers on Vitali's chin, especially as Vitali carries his left hand so low. If Haye can increase his output and find the openings, he can win a decision against Vitali, he did it against the larger Valuev.

As for Wlad-Chisora, we've seen Wlad struggle under pressure by punchers with head movement, and who apply pressure. Look at his fights with Purrity, Sanders, Brewster, Peter 1. Del Boy's granite chin and relentless pressuring style will no doubt cause him nightmares. Wlad can't fight going backwards, once Del Boy has him backing up (like against Vitali) then it's gonna be a long night for Wlad. As for those boasting about Wlad's power, he hit blown up CW Haye with quite a few right hands and couldn't even put him down.
Neither Klitschko is like a Joe Calzaghe, who overcame all styles

Fantastic thread Moneypaysbills, unfortunately when you try and make reasonable and objective points about the Klitschkos, the fanboys will be out in their numbers to try and refute, what is irrefutable.
.god damn thats some utter ****e man..pressuer punchers with head movement sanders,peter and purrity lmao..yes they where all known for their outstand lateral and head movement hahahah..holy **** thats outstanding...and by the way why the **** are you that sad that your posting under 2 alias and patting yourself on the back??geezo there are some ****ing tarts on this board..
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