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Default Re: Haye and Chisora each fought the wrong Klitschko

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
not really.we all have **** ups and bad bothers me as much as it bothered me when lewis got chopped down.not very much because i knew they would come back stronger.oh and how they did..trolls like you come and go.and when i say come and go i really mean make up new names then stop posting under a name when they make a **** out of them selves..i see under your short posting record youv already reached your expire date..your a **** troll.hang you head in shame
Your a real moron and your fanboy credentials really shine through. I have created a legitimate thread that if you had bothered to read the initial, you would have seen was offering a balanced argument. I also never said either Klit would lose to the fighter I was proposing. You just love to troll with your blind Klitschko love

Also if someone recently opens an account it means they are an alt or troll. There isn't a time amount that makes an account credible. At one point you also had a two month old account
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