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Default Re: Haye and Chisora each fought the wrong Klitschko

Originally Posted by moneypaysbills View Post
Good way to duck the argument, furthermore your love of Klitschko's can be seen as the same level of delusion. Whereas I was originally trying to see if people agreed and now it's just turned it a **** slinging competition. Also who are you to tell someone they need to learn more?
the reason your thread has turned into a **** slinging argument is because your opening arugment was indeed full of ****e..and im telling you to learn more about the sport because in the very rare case of you being serious with this ****ing thread you are not only looking at defeats from years ago and weaknesess of fighters your basicly saying they havnt improved from them days which is utter tripe.your logic has been seen before many many times which is why its so laughable..its as idiotic as someone saying chisora will beat haye because he fights similar to carl thompson please stop talking to me unless its some sense
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