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Default Re: Haye and Chisora each fought the wrong Klitschko

Originally Posted by moneypaysbills View Post
This is something that I've been pondering since the Haye-Chisora fight was announced. It's pretty obvious when you weigh up the facts, and noone but the supreme Klitschko nuthuggers (CHEF, Vladimir93) can refute with any actual conviction. To look at it objectively we can break down why Haye-Vitali and Chisora-Wlad would be better matchups. I'm not saying they'd win, but they both would have had a better chance of glory, also as we all know the Klitschko's love to pick up fighters that the other sibling has already fought, so even though these two aren't bums, they could still follow their past patterns.


This one is quite obvious, Vitali has two losses in his career, both were to slick black G's, but Haye would only be able to emulate one of these. There will be no TKO6, but haye could certainly make Vitali miss and make him quit. We've seen Chrs Byrd do it, and Haye has the same movement, and the same skill. Vitali has a granite chin, so Chisora's power was ineffective, but with Haye able to make him miss he could attack vitali's weak spot, his heart.

Exhibit one speaks for itself, and gives credence to the fact that they rematch each others fights, hence Wlad-Byrd


This one is also pretty obvious, we all know that Wlad has a shaky chin, CHEF will tell you, Vitali will tell and Stevie Wonder will tell you. Therefore, with Chisora's good chin as proven by some of the Vitali shots that landed, his power and his swarming style. He is always going to have much more joy with Wlad. Put simply Wlad doesn't like pressure, if an in shape Chisora turns up then he could give Wlad some real trouble, and maybe get himself a KO.

Exhibit 2

His style won't win him a UD over such a technically accomplished fighter, but the Klitschko's are like Barcelona, you don't beat them by matching style and boxing perfectly, unless you're Lennox Lewis which Haye and Chisora most certainly aren't. You beat them by exploiting their few but still exisitng weaknesses.

Also none of that he was green *******s, it was only his 38th fight against a man he assumed would be a walkover.

So there you go that's my argument, I'm not saying wither would win or lose, but that they both would've had more joy if the fights had been reversed. Who knows if whoever wins beats Povetkin, we may see one of these fights happen.
Dear T.S.,

I have taken part of your argumentation and feel there are a few things to add. Haye would most likely have defeated Vitali, who at his current advanced age is vulnerable. Chisora, however, could not compete with either brother. Especially not Wlad who at this stage of their careers is superior to Vitali.

Or put in a another way:

Wlad > Vitali

Haye >>> Chisora

In other words, Haye with his speed, power and accuracy was a bigger threat to Wlad then Chisora could ever hope to be. So we got to see The Best Fight The Best. As fans, we could not have asked for any more. Your point is therefor not valid.

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