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Originally Posted by leo_messi View Post
It means your horse just has to finish placed (what 'placed' means depend on the race, some are top 2, some are top 3 or 4 or even 5. Usually is determined by how many horses are in the field).
You only get a fraction of the winnings if its only placed (and doesnt win), again its usally 1/4 or 1/5th of the odds.


Horse is 10/1

Bookmaker is paying out on top 4 places at 1/4 odds.

You put 10 e/w, this total stake will cost you 20.(think of it as 2 bets, 1 tenner is going on the horse to win, the other is going on the horse to be placed)

If the horse wins you get the winning bet (so 10X10 =100), but you also get the placed bet as the horse has been placed also, (so thats, 1/4 of 10/1 = 2.5/1 @10 = 25) So in total you win 125, plus your 20 stake back. So 145.

If the horse only gets placed, you only win the 25 and your 10 'placed stake back. So 35.
Aaaaah right that explained it very well. Cheers.

Tempted to copy that guy above.

Need to cut back on the gambling though, I'm not losing money or anything just spending way too much time doing it! When you start getting given loyalty rewards then that's probably a sign.
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