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Default Re: Edmund Gerber vs Maurice Harris

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
The fight has been removed from youtube for some reason. But remember when Gomez was injured and Ding was throwing punches while Gomez tried to school him with the jab.

Ding won that because he was the aggressor even though Gomez landed the cleaner shots and far more of them.

Well, that's basically how this fight was except I don't think Gerber threw more than 20 shots in any single round, and Harris was constantly able to put 2,3 and 4 punch combos together where at least 1 or 2 of the shots would find a home.

Rewatching Ding Gomez, I admit, Gomez was robbed. But Harris was robbed X 10 in comparison.

If the ABC ratings guys saw this fight and they were able to somehow reverse the decision, they would without a doubt.
The result cant be reversed by the ABC groups. Fight was not sanctioned by any of them. Only by the Austrian Boxing Federation (And you can bet they wont change a thing)

Harrisīs promoter however are looking to talk with the IBF (If he havent already, to try and let them keep Harris ranked with them)
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