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Originally Posted by pinpointzero
Again AllyT, good point.
What will Amir be like be he's under pressure, on the back foot. We know he can move, box, and punch. What happens in rounds 7-10, followed by the championship rounds when he's thrown everything and can't get an opponent out?
I really think he'll fare well.
There are a number of scenarios to play out here.
If he can out box Willie (possibility if not a given) then he'll be happy to tuck rounds under his pro belt and take a decision, of that I'm convinced. The crowd might not like it (most Khan fans from TV coverage appear to be band-wagoners or casual) but that's just tough.
If Limond can take Khan to the later rounds (potential of slow-down, punch-out, etc.) then he's a great chance.
If he can catch Khan early (he's not a devastating puncher - but will have enough ****nal to hurt Khan if he can catch him cold enough) then he'll keep Khan away I would guess.
If he can out box Khan for 2-3 rounds then this would be really interesting as we know Khan is come forward, likes to throw punches and is generally a ring aggressor. This scenario might be the most interesting.
I can't wait.
Agree with most of your points....I think limond is a tough cookie and Khan will win a UD. But it would be crazy to expect him to win all 12 rounds. Isn't this his first 12 rounder.

I do disagree though with your assessment of Khan as a come forward aggressive fighter. I dont think he is. we may have seen that against the lesser lights of the british division, but I think Khan is really a counter puncher. He likes his opponent to come at him, so he can use his fast hands and feet to hit and get away.

the problem is (and I'm not sure what Limonds startegy will be) most of the guys he fought have not come at him and actually been quite defensive, so he has to press the fight which is alien to his natural tactics, although obviously good for preparing him for different sytles.
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