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Default Re: FIGHT REVENUES- a discourse on money, income streams, and trend forecasting

Originally Posted by PaoloMirani View Post
*****: but but but Floyd takes home more money......take the test!

One question....where is it in the queensbery rules that states Packy has to adhere to Floyd's business model? In other words, what right does he have to assume all promotional risk and benefits? He needs to arum, no pac. Simple as that. And one more thing, use only the more recent numbers....2009-12 would be more reflective of drawing power. Otherwise great effort.
Other than the fact that Arum's been part of the issue all along, it's either the proceeds go to Floyd, or they go to Arum (not pac), but it wouldn't really matter too much who bears the risk, Pac just wants to fight and pays people to manage the middle stuff anyway (Koncz and Arum). So it seems to me that Arum is pretty much the superfluous 3rd man and it should be easier to negotiate with 2 people rather than 3 people.
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