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Default Re: Most People arguing Pac-Floyd Split DKSA MONEY

Originally Posted by PrinceN View Post
I mean not having Manny's last 2 PPV buys when you are assessing this small amount of fights is a big deal. Would you invest in a company if you didnt know what they had done in the last 2 years? Pretty sure Bob decided to stop releasing numbers for the same reason schafer wants them released they are negotiating and Bob realized he would have to budge off 50/50
Fair assessment, in fact I'd like the true numbers as well just for completions sake and yes they don't fight that often thus a very small sample size which would be even smaller if omitted. Even if they were a little smaller (and don't forget the Ortiz fight) I still doubt they would deviate that far from the trend they're at currently.

All in all, they're gonna present the numbers to each other at some point and they'll calculate it (properly hopefully) at that point, but if it blows up before such an instance then I'd place much of it on Arum (which I have been for a long time)
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