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Default Re: Most People arguing Pac-Floyd Split DKSA MONEY

Originally Posted by lester proctor View Post
So is this official, Floyd is ready to negotiate? No more fixed fee? It's confusing, you seemed to be trying to sell us on the fixed fee nonsense.

You realize that even if all the finances were public (good luck with that), there's no objective criteria to go by.

I don't see any confusion in you on fingerpointing, I guess your job is to make converts. But looking at this thread, you're not convincing anyone not already aboard.
I didn't give a concrete suggestion, that was up to discussion and interpretation. This is merely to show where the numbers stem from and where they go. From our back and forth discussion here I'd say best method would be 40m and 50/50 in excess of 2.5m buys.

You sound mad
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