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Default Re: Most People arguing Pac-Floyd Split DKSA MONEY

Originally Posted by king khan View Post
Excellent ****ysis . . . Are you a CPA, or financial risk ****yst - or one of those paid ass jobs?

But I think you're wrong about FLoyd being the sole investor in hs fights, and getting 100% of the revenue. . . If that's the case, why does he have a guarantee from Golden Boy? I doubt GOlden Boy is getting the standard 27% promotor's cut like Arum does with Pac, but I bet they're getting a good 10% or so. . Also, Al Haymon is probably getting a 5-10 % cut. . .

All in all, if they both generate similar revenue, FLoyd probably makes about 7-8 million more. . Which is a lot, no doubt, but it's not as great of a difference as some *****ze make out.
Nah. otherwise I'd be there and not here on my way though

From what I heard GBP gets a flat fee from Floyd.
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