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Default Re: Most People arguing Pac-Floyd Split DKSA MONEY

Originally Posted by catnthehat View Post
The fighters also took 1/3 of the revenue in the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.

The guarantee for Oscar was $23,300,000 and Floyd's was $10,000,000.

They then took $46,000,000 of the $137,800,000. Oscar was paid $52,800,000 and Floyd received $26,200,000.

Your post is very informative though.

I may have missed it megavolt but did you include that Arum would also have to come out of pocket for promoting the fight?
Come one, you're not even trying now, you're just throwing **** against the wall and hoping it sticks. They took in 1/3 in guarantees, which would only matter if one of them was stupid enough to sign for no ppv upside. What matters is, they split 57% of the gross ppv revenue. And supposedly, him and Cotto did much better percentage wise.
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