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Default Re: Most People arguing Pac-Floyd Split DKSA MONEY

Originally Posted by catnthehat View Post
It does matter, especially when tying that in to the revenue.

If I make $50,000,000 to fight and your getting $25,000,000 to fight, and we come together, why should you be allowed to make $27,500,000 more than your highest payday and I only get $2,500,000 more than my highest payday?

How is that fair at all? They would split $105,000,000 as projected. It's not a fair deal if you get to more than double your highest payday and I get 5% more than my highest payday.
You have no facts as to what Pac actually takes home.. And you have no facts ob what Flours actually brings home.. Other than some Nevada Guarantee, and someone being quoted by someone. Unless you actually work for the IRS.

You are talking about a payday like it's one person getting paid.. Each man has promotional companies.. These are the guys who take and split the money.. Floyd dont matter, Manny dont matter..

What is fair, is who brings numbers to the table.. And if you want Manny million plus buys a fight you call him. If you want Floyd million plus buys a fight you call him..

The promotional companies split the bread, if Floyd brings home more in the end..all is fair.. And if what Floyd says it's true, then a fifty fifty split among promotional companies would still leave Floyd with a much bigger purse than Manny in the end... Since he takes home a much higher percentage with his contract..

All sides happy
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