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Default guys who USE the shoulder roll

countering right hand.
shoulder ala james toney, holyfied (with the cross arm) and mike mccallum (a simple bend to the right- followed by counter right)

i have noticed when i roll like mccallum or duck like him i get hit to the back of the head, this move seem very dangerous cos its not nice getting banged at the back of your head.

toneys way of rolling is good as he doesnt expose the back of his head.
holyfields way seems the best as he counters back fast and is well protected due to his right hand protecting his head.

what are your thoughts from your own personal experience? just that icve been getting hit at the back of the head and its not cool. i understand why some fighters dont utilise this into their ****nal ala george foreman and stick to simple blocking, parrying.

david tua was quite good at rolling ala holyfield (maybe cos they had same trainer) he would use the cross arm defense
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