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Default Re: guys who USE the shoulder roll

I've never been hit to the back of the head either when rolling or slipping and turning. So no advice I can give.
Possible you're turning to an extreme extent to where you're almost showing your back to your sparring partner.
Maybe you're sparring very tall fighters or you're fighting so low, that over the top right hands land whether your roll or not.
Keep practicing though. For sure punches will land a whole lot until you get better or you decide this style is not for you.
Don't do it half assed though. This style should give you a pretty good view of the right hand coming from far. So if done right, you should at the very least see the punch coming and the impact should be more bearable lol.
That's how I remember it when I started (without knowing what the shoulder roll was). I'd rather take a shot I would see, than to shell up, block my view and get hit from unexpected angles.
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