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Default Re: Mateusz Masternak

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
I have to admit, this was not Mat's most impressive night.

Even though he pitched close to a shutout, losing only the 1st round on my card, he treated this very lackadaisically as though it were a sparring session. He made Miles seem tougher than he probably is, where I feel he probably could have forced a stoppage if he really felt like it.

A bit disappointed in Masternak. Hopefully this display of laziness was just a one-off and not a sign of future habits.
Bullishit, Masternak took two rounds off (1st and 9th) and was active and dominant the rest of the way. Welcome to ESB - when you don't stop someone in brutal fashion, you're performance was shit. Masternak was dominant here in almost every way imaginable and that is what boxing is all about. He dominated a can (much more than a can if you listen to Enzo Calzaghi a few years ago) and it happened to have a tough enough chin and determination to last 10 rounds.Maternak was absolutely dominant and showcased his superior skills to a Danish audience. The combos, the variety of punches, the speed were all there. What else do you want denier?

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