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Default Re: Dawid "Cygan" Kostecki- Roy Jones Jr. 30 June in Poland?

Originally Posted by Honor View Post
Thats how Wojak 12 Round Promotions works bro. Look at Damian Jonak....hes 33-0 and still fighting 8 rounders.

Thats why all our best Polish fighters are the ones not fighting in Poland...

Adamek, Wolak, Wach, Szpilka, Proksa etc.. are all fighting in the States(cept Proksa) Theres no future in Polish boxing in Poland, its like the Polish FA...worthless...

Disgraceful fight if this happens, making a name for yourself by beating a old legend, who shouldn't even be fighting. Kostecki should be going after Cleverly at the very least.... ; /
Been wondering about Joniak as well. And Kolodzej for that matter.

Too bad It reminds me a bit of Mogens Palle, though he got bigger name opponents more often.

Understandable why Masternak moved away too. Though it has not been visible yet opponent wise in his first two Sauerland-fights. Hopefully it changes soon.
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