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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

Originally Posted by Cobra33
I must say your knowledge of boxing is very impressive.

You know I thought Davis had an impressive performance against Meldrick Taylor.Termite Watkins was a pretty good performance as well by Davis.

You know your boxing and I would like your opinion on a couple of boxers who seem not to be apperciated by the masses.

Sumbu Kalambay-How would you rate his footwork and to whom would you compare his footwork to?Someone once told me his footwork reminded him of Walcott.

Michael Nunn(the early years)-BERFORE he won his 1rst title.I think he was almost unhittable when he fought in that safety first style.What is your opinin?I watched Nunn make alot of good pros seem like beginners.
To be perfectly honest, my knowledge of Nunn and Kalambay is limited. However, I do agree that Kalambay's shifty type foot movement was indeed reminiscent of Jersey Joe's, although I don't think he was as good with his upper body movement, or at bending his knees to slip and counter when stationary.

Nunn certainly parlayed his combination of height and southpaw stance into a package which helped secure a great deal of early shutout wins.

The kayo loss Nunn sustained was frustrating for me on so many levels. Michael's boxing skills where clearly superior to Toney's at that stage of their careers, yet he succumbed to the result of a single hook (and Nunn was on the deck for ten full seconds after that first knockdown, but received the benefit of a slow count). Huh? How does a southpaw of Nunn's caliber get tagged out with a single hook to the head? (A cross down the pike, or even a hook to the body I could understand, but a hook to the head?)

While this was a terrific come from behind one punch kayo for Toney, I was kind of disgusted with the fatigue he displayed upon the match's conclusion. This wasn't a nearly 34 year old Ali following the end of 14 rounds at Manila, or a 28 year old Larry Holmes with one good arm dropping to the canvas with exhaustion after first dominating, and then slugging it out with Norton over a full 15 rounds, but a 22 year old kid supposedly in top condition for his first title match, who kayoed an opponent that was dominating him, with a single punch after just 10-1/2 rounds of action (hardly an extended epic performance), and HE was wiped out? (I figured then and there that Toney was no kind of 15 round fighter.)

I'm truly sorry for that outburst Cobra, but I really am a hard-core 15 round snob.
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