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Default Re: Mads L****n returns.

Originally Posted by zxcvbnm View Post
Di Giacomo has pulled out, replaced by 21 year old Brit, Luke Blackledge (9-0, 3 KOs).
Blackledge has a good win over former British 168 champ Matthew Barney, as well as a win over Phill Fury (Tyson Fury's cousin who has no skill or power whatsoever and only has a pro career as a result of his famous relation).

Could be an interesting one this, who knows what L****n is like now, while Blackledge is still very young and on his way up.
You beat me to it. Very interesting indeed. Now we get a young prospect (I noted his win over Matthew Barney as well) versus an old guy who is comebacking for the second time.
Di Giacomo could have been good as well, but this may actually as well. Can old, inactive (And injured plagued) L****n keep up with the ambiton, freshness and (I suppose) speed of the young hungry lion?

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