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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Just finished up watching Bruno-Tyson 1 to start tv watchin in the morning. Of course Tyson was sloppy and swinging for the fences while Bruno held and hit and caught Tyson with more shots than he should've. Tyson fouled too with headbuts and elbows but its a fun foulfest to watch. Had that been a year ago Tyson would've been more consistent to head movement but his fault thinking all he has to do is show up. Great fight I forgot how action-packed it was. Everytime Bruno was stunned he was scared to death as usual but came to fight most of the fight whereas the rematch he held him like a prom date. Want to see a watchable,action-filled funfest? This is it. Thought the stoppage was legit.
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