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Default Re: Ellerbe and the sam watson family are really making me....

Here is the Answer:
07-22-2010, 11:14 AM
When asked who are Sam Watson and his sons, and why are they always in the ring:

Leon's Response: The reality of the situation is, in terms of what they know and understand, they are absolute nobodies in the business. Al Haymon once told me that he is never in the ring because he feels it's the fighters time to shine. Other than making people think Watson IS Haymon, I find it strange that he refuses to enter the ring or take photos with his fighters, but then replaces himself in the ring with two or three camera *****s. It's beyond laughable to me. If they knew boxing like they knew where the cameras are, they'd actually be able to provide a boxer with substantial imput. I've gotten a ton of emails about this and a bunch of facebook messages. None of them are pro athletes. Sam Watson did tell me that Matt Kemp was going out with Rihanna because "they" made that happen, which was almost as laughable as hearing him tell Allan Green, Breadman and I that he got a Bentley in his driveway, but never drives it. LMAO. It must be because nobody is holding a camera in the backseat.
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