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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by lora View Post
I actually thought Brown was at his best around that time nat, though he probably did move a bit much against Starling and likely didn't hit his absolute prime until afterward.

He was a lot more versatile then.I'd take even that inexperienced Brown without hesistation over the flat footed plodding powerpuncher he ended up by the McGirt fight.
Hmmm, interesting angle on Brown and I see your point. The thing with Starling was that his defense was so good, even coming forward, that it seemed Brown might be better off trying to back him up or at least hold his ground a bit. Starling had the better defense and he was the agressor, so Brown didn't have much to go on to bank rounds. I do agree by the time of the McGirt fight Brown's style changed for the worse. The IBF was in it's infancy when he became champ and the level of guys he fought were a step down from Starling or McGirt.
Ultimately, this fight was an eye opener for me. I might overrate Brown and underrate Starling a bit. I didn't think the gap was as wide as this fight seems to indicate.
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