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Default Re: Assume EVERY heavyweight retired close to their peak...

Originally Posted by DaveTheWave
Let the hatin' begin!

1. Foreman

When would one say his peak was? The first Frazier fight (he never looked the same after that bout)? Well, before that the only name on his record was an old George Chuvalo. In terms of resume, he'd be on about an equal level with James "Buster" Douglas sans losses.

2. Liston

Presuming we mean about the first Patterson bout (before his inactivity became severe), I can definetly see a case here. Liston won almost all his big fights before getting to the top.

3. Ali

If Ali had retired in 1967, I don't think he'd be rated that highly. His only big wins at that point (against Liston and Patterson) had major question marks about them. Take away his 1970s wins and Ali's record is surprisingly weak, however strong the performances may have been

4. Frazier

If Frazier retired in 1971 (as he nearly did due to an operation for hypertension), there would certainly be a big case for him. Aside from the Bonavena fights, he'd looked practically invincible, and had decisively won against Ali (I had it 10-5). Frazier arguably built up his entire resume of worth before the FOTC.

5. Holmes

I don't know; I think some of Holmes's post prime fights (the Spinks wins, his later title defenses, the Mercer wins, the Holyfield performance) just add to his resume so much.

6. Lewis

It depends on when one points to as his prime. I would say his best performance ever was against Holyfield in the first fight (where he won nearly every round). But he had a lot of big wins after that. The main way to bump Lewis up to the top 2, in my opinion, would be if Tyson and Bowe weren't such chickens. Their lack of testicles seriously hurts Lewis's record.

7. Tyson

Well, since it's apparently a crime to pay attention to any non-prime Tyson performances, I suppose wherever you rate Tyson wouldn't change... If you're a Tyson nuthugger. Personally, I think Tyson's record in his prime was nothing special by ATG standards.

8. Marciano

I think Marciano's best performances were against Ezzard Charles, where he peaked as a swarmer. But the Archie Moore fight embelishes his record a lot. Hmm...

10. Louis

CRIMINAL. Although it is true that Louis had a lot of important wins after his prime (I'd say it was in the second Buddy Baer fight) he had an extremely impressive resume before he even fought for the title.
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