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Originally Posted by slapbangwhallop
I know what you are saying Ardy but I disagee - I set out my thoughts in detail on the Pavlik v Duddy thread. I am not going to stoop to someone elses level because they are disrespecting Duddy - I would prefer to lay the facts infront of them and show them up as talking **** instead of trading insults.

Pavlik deserves the respect he gets - he's the champ, he's a good guy, he's got a good jab and a great overhand right = respect from me - that doesnt lessen my support for Duddy.

Infact if you think I dont support Duddy heres a wee story for ya - I just got engaged at Christmas and I only gave the wee wan a token ring with the idea of bringing her over to NYC and Tiffanys for the real thing - maybe I had it planned that I could double it up for it to coincidently coincide with the Duddy v Pavlik fight!!! Will I see ya there?
Slapbangwallop, people from my neck of the woods bite back, when someone "yanks" their chain.

Yes, Slapbangwallop, I hope to be there. In actual fact I have been trying to organise all day. The best price I have got flying out of Dublin and hotel is 565, not bad.
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