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I don't understand why y'all are so upset about Duddy being criticized here.

He's a very likable guy and has the heart of a warrior, but it's fair to say Pavlik is on another level right now. I enjoy watching Duddy fight but he gets hit often and I don't think that will fare well in the ring with someone like Kelly's power. Duddy does have a puncher's chance but he will need to seriously work on his defense (or get back to his basics - I heard he was a slick boxer in the ams).

There is also going to be a reaction amongst boxing fans (and American ones especially) to his huge popularity stateside. He is an exciting fighter but let's not kid ourselves - he sells out MSG and makes bank because he's a charismatic, attractive Irishman. If he was an ugly Mexican he wouldn't get a 1/10 of this hype and his career wouldn't be where it is. That's a bit frustrating to see as an American fan. I like the guy and do think he's a skilled boxer, but the majority of his appeal comes from playing to his looks and something Irish people complain about constantly: America's infatuation with Ireland/general plastic paddyness.
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