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Default The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

We have this in Classic and is extremely useful, fun and informative to remember about the fights, the scorecards, etc.....
If this is not a good idea, no problem....just worth a try. Could be good for this section. I thought would be nice......

In MMA case the fights are smaller and many times there arenīt scorecards, but..Hopefully the mods will sticky this, perhaps, would be great....

When you watch fights and want to talk about it, would be nice to do like we do in Classic, there are many fights from the current era or from the past that I would like to hear more about the scorecards or the opinions about the performances, etc...

Iīll start with more than one.....
A bunch of fights I just watched of the UFC 14 card (with a mini-HW Tournament).....No scorecards this time in my case because all of them were quick fights ....

Kevin Jackson vs Todd Butler

Jackson, an olympic gold medal wrestler against Butler, with his background of Karate.
Butlerīs mobility made him a tough guy to find for takedowns in the first minute, but wasnīt for too long, Jackson got the takedown went for the back and punched Butler until Butler tapped....he quit actually, pretty much all Jakcosn did was punch two times in the side of his head....

Mark Kerr vs Moti Horistein

Easy takedown by Kerr with perfect timing and get passed the guard already, then a vicious brutal ground n pound by Kerr.....John McCarthy stopped the fight and one more win for the Smashing Machine in his good days !

Dan Bobish vs Brian Johnston

Bobish a huge guy, very strong with great wrestling IMO. And Johnston with his Judo background. But hell they got to a brawl first and Bobish landed a huge right hand !
Later Bobish used his wrestling and got the top of the position and started a ground n pound with Johnston against the cage being punched and pressed by Bobishs amazing strenght.....but suddenly when he wasnīt being punched Johnston tapped oddly

Final - Mark Kerr vs Dan Bobish

In the Final of the tournament two great wrestlers an also big and very powerful guys.....probably Bobish the better puncher (very unskilled striker though) but Kerr the better wrestling.

Kerr running and kicking (afraid of Bobishs right hand possibly)....but then Kerr used his positioning to get the takedown with perfect timing grabing Bobishs leg....and start the domination in the ground to find the positions to punch in the ground and pound....

Weird stoppage, apparently Bobish had an injury (in his eye)....anyway great to see Kerr using his wrestling skills against a guy that also had wrestling skills.....

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