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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

GSP v BJ Penn 1 at UFC 58
RD 1
Both start off matching each other jab for jab, Penn does a better job of slipping whilst most of BJ's shots are hitting Georges on the arms. Remarkable how many of the punches land at the same time. GSP is doing a good job of mixing it up with kicks, but BJ busts up GSP's eye with a 3 punch combo on the inside not a poke as Rogan claims. Both continue to circle and both miss with big right hands until Penn clips GSP's nose immediately blooding up almost his entire face now. GSP takes advantage of BJ carrying his lead leg too far forward with a double leg kick but as soon as the 2nd land BJ opens up with a powerful fake left hook strong right combo which makes GSP back up out of range. GSP is visibly rattled and there's a long exchange when both swing and miss at range. GSP steps in with a haymaker right, BJ initiates double underhooks and both exchange a few knees to the legs. GSP walks BJ up against the cage, clearly the stronger guy, and continue to trade knees and short hooks and knees to the body. Penn lands the most telling shots and stuffs a single leg attempt with his legendary balance. BJ gets his back off the fence and with 1:30 left on the clock consistently beats GSP to the punch by slipping and countering in classic boxing style to finish out the round

RD 1 Penn

RD 2
Both come out swinging for the second stanza and again Penn lands crisp counter forcing GSp to change levels with leg kicks. Penn lands a stiff uppercut on the inside, GSP grabs double underhooks, pushes Penn to the cage and tries a single leg, Penn pops straight back up, GSP picks him up off his feet and drives his shoulders through Penn to take him to the mat, BJ immediate establishes butterfly guard, GSP fires some half hearted shots to the body. GSP tries to pass to HG, BJ defends, GSP stands up and rains a big hook and goes back into BJ's guard. GSP tries to posture up and pas and BJ takes the opportunity to scrambles back to his feet. Penn again beats George to the punch, but nothing significant lands, GSP is the busier of the two, but BJ slips almost every punch beautifully. George clinches and pushes Penn to the cage, Penn manages to escape when GSP tries to strike, again Penn slips beautifully with out really landing on the counters. GSP looks fresher now and lands 4 stiff jabs and a leg kick in succession, Penn's counters are blocked. GSP lands a stiff left right, clinches and again pushes Penn to the cage. GSP picks Penn up and takes him down again. Nothing significant happens, but Penn is clearly tiring, with the TD and the cleaner shots, Id give this round to GSP

RD 2 Close, but GSP takes it

RD 3
GSP comes out firing and is now landing more mixing it up with low kicks and punches. Penns punches are now sloppy and again he's backed up against the cage. both men are visable tired, but GSp is doing the better job of landing punches and knees. GSP literally firemans lifts BJ from the cage and dumps him on his back. As in the 2nd, BJ gets butterfly to stop GSP hitting him in the head but GSP works the body well with a few deep shots to the ribs. Penn pushes off the hips and gets back up onto his feet and takes a DEEP breath whilst GSP is out of range. GSP fakes a punch, gets double underhooks and pushes Penn to the cage again. Both men exchange a few strikes, but you can tell the pace of the fight is telling on both men. Away form the cage now, both block punches then unexpected BJ shoots for the TD, but GSP stuffs it and ends up with his back against the cage. BJ leg trips GSP but GSP immediately shoots back up. Extended clinch against the cage again, BJ punches his way off the cage GSP counters with a beautifully times double off BJ's jab. Again, Penn tries Butterfly, GSP hits him in the ribs then out of nowhere BJ wraps his left leg around GSP's arm looking for an omaplata. Too little too late as George uses his left arm to hit Penn with elbows, and that closes out the round


Great fight, but Ive often heard it scored as a l'n'p for St Pierre, not the case imo.

this is probably the longest post I'll ever make

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