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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Just watched Sakuraba v Royce in it's entirety, aint going to do an RBR but have to say even though there were long periods of inactivity it is still a great fight. Watching it with hindsight is a bit pointless, but I can imagine the drama of watching it as it happens live. It's an historic moment in MMA, dont let Dana and his ''Griffin v Bonnar'' bull**** convince you otherwise. It's impossable to replicate the aura of Gracie invincibility and what it meant for one man to systamatically run through each and every Gracie he face. I watched it before the age of wiki so I had no idea who would win after watching in awe Royce breeze through the UFC and Rickson doing likewise in PRIDE (2005 was a long time ago, damn I feel old) Back in the day most of the past events were on youtube, and I think the UFC would gain more fans if they werent so strict on this ploicy. I dont see no harm in putting 2 year old fights on youtube personally, totally understand pulling newer fights though

Both proved themselves to be warriors, taking a great deal of punishment in a war of attrition. Saku controlled Royce with his Gi, and those chopping leg/low kicks really took their toll.

I can understand it's not as pleasing on the eye as most fights of today, but this is a real FIGHT and every MMA fan should watch it at least once

Igor v Goodridge, close fight, Igor had trouble with Gary's size early on, but that epic right hand bailed him out of trouble. Igor really was deceptively fast with an underated guard.

Coleman v Shoji, Mark raind down the hammer from guard. The only time Ive ever seen someones rib cage bruise up and bleed as bad is in the Coleman v Frye fight. Mark, on the roids, was a serious puncher on the mat

Fujita v Kerr. Iron head weathered the early storm of epic knees to the body and short punches to the head to take the UD. He even took Kerr down multiple times during the fight and landed some punishing gnp of his own. If anyone has seen the smashing machine, this was really the point where Kerr went form arguably the best in the world, into career freefall.

I love the old schoold tournaments, tells you so much about a fighter. It takes more than just pure skill to win one, something that's lost in today's MMA. Sorry but Im a one night tournament mark, it's what got me into MMA
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