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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

RD 1
barretto looks liight on his feet and circles away from Tre's power right hand. Barretto throws a few leg kicks and range finding front kicks (**** you all the Seagal lovers) Barreto keeps circling to Tre's Tre shoots for a TD, has double underhooks on Barretto, with Calos' face to the mat. Tries for a where near sinking it in. Carlos spreads his weight and stands back up. Carlos gets over/under and Tre's back is against the ropes. Extended clinch period of inactivity against the ropes, advantage Barreto. Barreto attempts several trips to no avail, after a few minutes the Ref separates them both. Both take the chance to suck in some oxygen. Carlos, keeping his hands low, scores with a few low kicks. Carlos attempts another low kick, Tre counters with a TDA, Carlos is too strong, pushes Tre against the ropes again. Tre pummels to double underhooks. Carlos takes advantage of the sweat, sneakily reverses the position so he has a single over under, and lands some punishing knees

Barreto pulls guard, it's a mistake as Tre lands on top North/South position with hands clasped low down Baretto's waiste iF HE LIFTS HIM UP OFF ALL FOURS, THE KNEES COULD FINISH THE FIGHT.

Tre takes a breather whilst having double underhooks in a north/south position, probably the most vunerable position to be in under PRIDE rules

**** it the rest of the fight is boring, with Carlos taking down Tre and doing **** all, except a few punches from guard.

1st round was close, but overall it was Barretto's fight
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