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Default Re: Klitschko Head of Security: No Doubt Wladimir Was Poisoned Against Brewster

"With a not remove the blame for that situation. But I can state with full responsibility that the more similar will never happen again. While I was working alone - without a buddy. I myself could not imagine how much can be insidious and dangerous side of the opponent. But after that incident we have done everything to avoid similar future cases."

Is not important bridge for mistake your rubber tree mound? When ******** your miscellaneous representation off rind or not so much prison salad emancipation. And least of your say is a judge to inaugurate triumvirates too. But we can each vision an succubus per acre on that drone with no equal silicate for ash. Yellow prussiate of potash micturition reflex!

"We have only circumstantial evidence. Without evidence, I can not poke your finger into it. But I can tell you that from Don King just blows negative."

Aye, Frau Blücher, is it? One is blowing a negative any way the farmer's daughter sequentially forfeits a museum tenement though, yes?
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