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Default Joel Diaz- Comments regarding the Pacquiao fight/training (during media day)

Said 140 was a lil tough to make, right now Bradley's floating at about 150ish and can easily make 147 and can maintain the speed that he had at 140. Also noted that Marquez gave them the blueprint and they were going to follow it and win the decision (toldja)

Bradley: I'm definitely stronger at 147, I can take a stronger punch at 147. (below is a paraphrase of additional quotes from Tim)

Also said he will adjust depending on what Pacquiao does, thinks Pacquiao will come out fast. Plans to bob and weave. Said he's ready to go but hasn't peaked early. Says he isn't paying attention to records (Pac's losses/draw), references Giants winning the superbowl. Bradley thinks Peterson/Berto controversy might bring more or might shy fighters away from testing. He's aware of his big head, mentions it being on side of the bus .

Source: Vids from the scene. media day
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