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You people are friggin idiots man. How f'n dare you question Chauncy's willingness to fight top guys. Every shred of evidence shows that he is 1 of the bravest HW's in the world.

Let me ask you a few questions about Elise Leapai.

How many times has Elise fought outside of Queensland Australia?

How many times has Elise been a main sparring partner for top camps in the USA, Germany, or Russia?

How many former and current world champions has Elise worked with in the gym over the last 8 years he has been pro...for sparring wages?

How many of the top trainers in the world has Elise been able to get work in with?

Fighting guys in your home town constantly is a coward move. Not traveling the world to be part of the best camps is a coward move. Not taking fights on the road is a stupid move and losing and drawing at home is just icing on the cake.

Chauncy has traded with most of the best HW's of the last decade all around this globe. Chauncy has taken sparring wages to trade with all of these great HW's...not for a day, but for weeks at a time. They called him to see the Olympic Gold Medalist in Germany and gave him 12 days notice man. His team and Seth Mitchell just agreed to fight until he was axed by some suit politics. Your main event for this card turned down an eliminator with Chauncy in the WBO to take on Cameron. Monte will make more here than the 35 grand that was offered to face Chauncy, but he is still on the hit list if he can manage a win over Shane.

Elise Leapai is unranked, he has no titles, is coming off a loss at home, and brings nothing to the table. I suggest that if he wants a fight with Welliver, that he buys a plane ticket to Macau, China, for Chauncy's fight with Tank Williams. Show up to the venue on June 28th and stir up some interest in Macau for that fight by stalking Chauncy. Holyfield was stalking Chauncy in China last time out.

That is how real contenders operate. Chauncy is going to beat the hell out of Tank Williams and then he is boarding a plane to New Zealand. He may fight on the card or he may not, 7 days is a short turn around, especially jumping from China to New Zealand in between. But he will be there 100% to be on the spot to call out Monte Barrett for a huge WBO eliminator if he happens to win. Or to congratulate his friend Shane Cameron for beating him. Who he still may fight later because business is business. Chauncy has always targeted the #1 fighter in the region for a match and he will continue to do so until the #1 guy mans up to face him. David Tua *****ed out on those challenges, Monte is *****ing out so far, and Alex was never, I repeat never, the #1, 2, or 3 guy in the region.

The only time he was rated top 15 was in July of 09 and he blew that **** the very next month by drawing with a 6-3 club fighter in a 6 round non title fight. His 3 fights at the end of 2010 all coulda, woulda and shoulda been regional title fights to get ranked worldwide but not 1 of them ever greased his skids to get the hell out of Australia for a meaningful eliminator fight. This last Johnson fight was his chance at home to do what he needed to become a top guy in the region and world but he blew it. And I told you all how stupid his team was before and after that fight. They're just not a serious team man.

Chauncy wants a huge match with a fellow Top 15-Top 10 rated HW..period. Seth Mitchell fit the bill, Monte Barrett fits the bill if he wins and retains his rank, Tua fit when he was #2 before Monte, Meehan fit when Chauncy was after him for a fight. Seth Mitchell's new opponent also fit and Chauncy has been after him for a long time too. Jon Banks is 1 of the very few men that are like Chauncy and rated Top 10 to both Klitschko Brothers. And a match with him could have provided the best HW slot to market yourself for a Klit fight.....a K2 undercard. He's getting double screwed on this July 7th match up between Banks and Mitchell. Both of those guys were the serious meal tickets that equaled an shot at a Klit in his next fight.

This is how I see it going down over the next couple months. Chauncy earns a wide UD or a late TKO stoppage over Tank Williams in China. He boards a plane to New Zealand for the Barrett/Cameron fight. Monte Barrett winds up winning that fight by stoppage at some point. Chauncy calls him out afterwards for a huge eliminator in the WBO. Then he boards a plane to make it to Las Vegas 2 days later for the Mitchell vs Banks fight. Banks wins that by early to mid round stoppage. Chauncy calls him out for a huge fight that could be hosted on the undercard of the next Wlad fight in the a final eliminator.

Then the few months after that, this is how it plays out. Again, Chauncy gets screwed in New Zealand and Barrett vs Tua 3 is made after the pot gets big enough to lure David out of the spider hole. He then gets screwed by Fat dan Raphael again and like minded individuals in USA TV circles and the K2 card occurs with no Chauncy vs Banks match on it. Chauncy winds up signing to fight Holyfield in China as plan C. Elise Leapai is never thought of or mentioned the entire time.
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