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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Igor Vovchanchyn v Daijiro Matsui @ PRIDE 9


Matsui shoots for a very low single and Igor sprawls and takes DM's back. That missed TDA probably cost DM a few dozen brain cell as the sound of Igors fist connecting, unanswered, to DM's skull sounds like someone bashing a coconut with a lump hammer. DM tries to sweep into guard but Igor is too strong, this is like watching a video of seals getting clubbed to death to be honest

Which each fail attempt to sweep DM only makes things worse for himself as he edges closer and closer towards the corner post leaving himself less and less room to manoeuvre. It's probably for the best that Igor has his back as I think if Matsui could see the look on Igor's face he'd be in serious danger of doing a Sylvia in his shorts and each attempt to sweep is just making Igor look meaner.

Thankfully for Matsui he finally gets some luck. After eating 30 shots from Igor, he now has a 2 inch cut which is bleeding into his eye. After some Doctors attention they restart in the same position on the deck, and Igor picks up where he left off. Matsui sweeps finally, and Igor lands in side control, some people just have no luck. With his right arm wrapped around DM's head like a school bully who's picking on the fat kid, Igor goes to work now on the cut, and the fight is mercifully stopped, with Dajirio looking like a baby that's just been born and is still covered with blood

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