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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

First, let me echo the sentiments of Doc McCoy Well done, sirs.

And, now, back to the orginal topic...

Mamby was tricky, teak-tough veteran, who was almost impossible to catch with anything flush, and who generally relied on stamina to take over in the later rounds of the fight. He didn't hit hard, but he could still wear you down and hurt you in the later stages of the fight (he still demonstrated this knack when he was well past his best- witness his upsets of Glenwood Brown and Larry Barnes).

Given that a fighter like Jim Watt (who was very similar to Mamby in terms of talent level, and, to an extant, in terms of in-ring approach) could outwork Davis over the fifteen round limit, methinks Mamby could do the same as well.
Davis could box beutifully, and would probably hold a lead going into the championship rounds, but Saoul would accelerate in the later rounds, possible score a late knockdown, and emerge with a clear decision.
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