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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Guy Mezger v Wanderlei Silva

Mezger towers over Wandy in the stare down whilst Silva hasnt yet developed his infamous **** face he used to intimidate so many guys during his PRIDE run. The Ref looks like Mario Yamasaki's disabled brother aswell...

Anyway the fight kicks off, literally with a left high kick from Guy which Wandy blocks and Guy circles away from Wandys counter punch. Left kick again, this time to the body from Guy, Wandy's counter punches again miss so he fires a hard outside leg kick which Guy almost checks. Guy misses with a few range finder kicks and jabs. Wandy steps in and eats a kick to the body and a left over the top, not really damaging though but do the job of backing Wandy out of range. Wandy tries to punch his way into a Muay Thai clinch, but Guy blocks the punches then shrugs him off and throws a knees to the head for good measure as he's backing away.

Wandy now has a mouse visible under his right eye, again a clinch and knee by Wandy, Guy pushes him off with ease. Wandy switches tactics and throws two hard low kicks but eats a left from Guy when he tries to follow up with punches. Guy is countering well at this point, the right straight isconsistanly finding a home and is stopping Wandy from overwhelming him in his usual fashion

Both now trade kicks, 2 to the body from Guy, one leg kick from Wandy. Out of nowhere Silva hits Guy with a stiff left then gets him in the Muay Thai clinch, again Guy shrugs off the clinch and hits Wandy with a good clean left hook as he exits back out of range. Guy gets the better of a short punching exchange with shots straight down the pipe, always a weakness when Wandy throws his famous wild hooks like a man trying to shoe away a wasp buzzing around his ear.

Again a fail clinch attempt and and a very nice knee and crisp left for Guy. Wandy has no answer to Guys left counters, so initiates an underhook clinch, Guy escapes AGAIN, and Wandy eats a grazing left high kick to his face for his efforts. Wandy smiles menacingly at Mezger now, clearly a little frustrated that Guy is dictating this fight so far.

Wandy steps in with another leg shot, his only real scoring shots of the fight, Mezger again counters with a punch and BOOM Wandy counters that with a hard right to Guys temple, Mezgers knees buckle and his ass hits the mat with Wanderlei following him down swinging like a mad man. Guy brilliantly sweeps and clocks Wandy in the face with a knee on the way back up. Another clinch is initiated as Guy is still wobbly and looking to recover his senses. Wandy fires a knee deep into Guys bread baskest and contects with a hard left right straight combo. Mezger lands a good left right uppercut combo on the inside put is forced into the defensive with Wanderlei swinging like a mad man and Guys back is now up against the ropes

Ducking and landing his own counter, Guy eats another HARD right to the temple and he's forced to clinch. Wandy, now in beserker mode clearly headbutts Guy in the clinch, prompting shouts from Guys corner, but the Ref wasnt in a good position to see it. Guys is ****ed at this point and an epic right hand right on the chin drops him like a sack of **** and the Ref waves off the fight with Mezger face down and out for the count on the mat

Wanderlei smiles, but clearly a case of one punch turning the fight as Guy was in charge up until the right and and later headbutt.
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