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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

SAkuraba vs Ebenezer Fontes Braga

Ebenezer, the tough guy from the old days in the IVC and similar Vale-Tudo events against the japanese legend Saku.

Only some kicks by both parts and clinhces in the first part of the fight....Ebenezer tried to use his Muay Thai clinch but didnŽt work...
Great sprawl by Ebenezer and later he landed a good right hand....
So far is good to see Ebenezer dealing well with an ATG like Saku...he looks well and focused here.
BUT Saku got a single leg and they went to the ground.....but Ebenezer was very smart to get up when he had the time to do it.
Clinchs again....Ebenezer threw a kick and Saku grabbed his leg and they went to the ground. I like what Ebenezer is showing here in terms of defensive BJJ (so far)....
Half guard by Saku now, work some time a tried to go to the back but Ebenezer got a little of time there and got up, very smart again.....
Weird move by Saku and they are in the ground with Saku in the side mount......hey again IŽll say, nice defensive moves by Ebenezer here.....Saku is having a hard time to get good positions....
BUT Saku got a nicely done armbar after much work....
Good win, showing great skills against a good opponent !
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