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Default Re: JDS v Velasquez II

Yes, the rematch seems the obvious fight.

I like that Cain has been such a beast and monstered everyone, and then JDS knocks him out basically with one shot, as soon as he lays hands on him.

And then Cain returns and immediately looks like an unstoppable monster once again.

But maybe Junior has his number. Maybe Cigano is the one guy that Cain just can't take down to the mat, and the more he presses the action the more he runs straight into Junior's fists.

Both of them know that if the fight stays on the feet, then JDS can spark Cain out at any time with no warning. But nobody knows what happens if it goes to the ground, or even if Cain can get it there or keep it there.

So I think it's a great fight. The best HW title fight out there in a field with a couple of decent possibilities, in fact.

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