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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Watched Pride 24: Cold Fury 3 last night. Not Pride's greatest, but a decent event, nonetheless.

First up was Rogerio Nogueira vs. Guy Mezger, a match that looked probably should have been more exciting than it was. Both guys were fairly tentative throughout the whole affair, and it never really left first gear. Nog edged him in every aspect, but Mezger put up a good fight and they fought to a close split decision. Had Mezger not received a yellow card for holding the ropes, he may have been given the decision. Not a particularly memorable fight.

Up next was Valentijn Overeem vs. Ron Waterman. The ever inconsistent and highly subbable Overeem was no match for his much stronger opponent, and succumb to a kimura very early in the first. How Valentijn ever managed to not only defeat, but submit, both Babalu and Randy Couture is beyond me.

After that quick submission, we were treated to a very boring twenty minutes of stalemate action between Rodrigo Gracie and Yuki Sasaki. Rodrigo's standup basically consisted of one winging overhand right, and not a whole lot else. Sasaki looked no better in that area. On the ground, there were some nice scrambles, but neither competitor was able to do much of anything. The majority of this fight is just a positional battle. Gracie came out on top, but it was far from an impressive performance. The most exciting part of this fight was probably Rodrigo's entrance.

Up next was teammate of Fedor Emelianenko, Bazigit Atajev, up against Valentijn's younger, skinnier brother, Alistair Overeem. It's really comical comparing how Alistair used to look compared to how he looks now. Two completely different people. This fight was pretty much all Alistair, outside of one very nice spinning heel kick by Atajev that knocked him on his ass. Luckily for Alistair, he partially blocked the blow and went on the dominant the grappling aspect of the fight for the rest of the round. The second round was more of the same with Overeem in full mount not doing a whole lot, but enough to remain dominant. The two are stood up and trade blows. Alistair pins Atajev to the ropes and blasts his sternum with a big knee than sends him though the ropes. Beautiful finish for Overeem.

Following that was a very good back and forth battle between Kevin Randleman and Murilo Rua. Randleman immediately came out and imposed his strength and wrestling dominance, but was never able to do a whole lot from the top position, as Ninja was constantly fishing for sweeps. In the first Ninja ended up on top in full mount, but was promptly swept by the powerful Randleman, so he pretty much abandoned that position for the rest of the fight when he ended up on top and elected to stay in side control instead. The first two round were very back and forth, with Ninka edging the ground work, and Randleman overwhelming him with powerful hooks in the standup exchanges. The end came in the third round after Randleman landed a huge left hook and landed almost entirely inside of Ninja right eye. This opened a fight ending cut, and Randleman took home the victory. Very good fight. As a side note, no matter how many times I see them, Randleman's absurdly veiny legs still make me a little sick. It looks like each thigh is home to a den of snakes.

Finally the main event, the rematch between Dan Henderson and Pride heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Hendo was a last minute replacement for Fedor, and this fight was not for the belt. The first round took place largely on the feet with both guys landing big shots. Hendo was landing rights that certainly would knock out the Big Nog of today, but thanks to his then iron chin, he was able to absorb them without much issue. When the fight was on the mat, Hendo was not able to do a whole lot while Nog worked his brilliant guard game, constantly looking for submissions and controlling him with omoplatas. At the end of the round, Nog pull off a beautiful trip that landed him in full mount. Unfortunately, it was too late in the round for anything to come of it. The second round starts with a brief exchange on the feet before Hendo executes a takedown from the clinch. Again, Hendo is able to do very little for fear of Nog's submission game. Nog comes very close to completing a kimura from guard, but Hendo defends well and in the process gets swept. Nog's BJJ really is a thrill to watch. Nog moves to side control where he works for another kimura, but Dan defends so Nog works for the straight armbar. Again it doesn't work, and the very resilient Dan Henderson survives the round. The third opens with another beautiful trip takedown from the much bigger Nogueira. Nog lands in full mount, and this time around there is enough time on the clock for him to work his game. Again he looks for the kimura that has failed so many times throughout this fight, but he quickly postures up while maintaining his grip and switches to an armbar. Dan couldn't escape this one. The story of this fight is really Dan's resilience. He impressed everyone, even in defeat. An excellent fight between two all time greats.

This came out much longer than intended.
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