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Default Journeyman defined for those who don't know

Lately, a lot of folks ( and not just a few ) have misused the term journeyman to almost embarrassing proportions. I have recently heard some posters refer to fighters like Quarry, Ellis, Bonavena, Shavers and Ken Norton as journeyman. This is a horribly incorrect use of the word.

I decided to pull up the definition from the Boxrec Boxing Encyclopedia.

Here is the link if you care to type it in, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it so that you can just click on it.


A journeyman is a boxer who has little or no expectation of winning his fights, thus he is said to be " along for the journey ". They are generally competent boxers who posses solid boxing skills and or the ability to absorb punishment. Often they were aspiring novices or even prospects, but were defeated and found to have limitations which relegated them to the role of Journeyman.

TO Mcgrain:

You slapped me on the hand for calling James Braddock a journeyman. This article continues by making references to him and others:

There have been boxers who were considered journeyman, who have gone on to have success in boxing.

Jim Braddock- A former #1 ranked light heavyweight contender, he had been relegated to journeman status before propelling himself to win the heavy weight title from Max Baer...

Enjoy fellas!!!!!
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