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Default Re: JDS v Velasquez II

Originally Posted by EL BULLY View Post
I think CV could well win the rematch. I see it as a 50/50 fight. He just got caught early in the first fight so it's hard to say how they match up, JDS never broke him down or anything it was just one of those punches.
I see it the same way. JDS landed on Cain before Cain's body had properly adjusted to being in a fight. I wouldn't be surprised if Cain took that shot easily a couple of minutes later, but not as the first significant strike in the fight.

But losing like that MUST affect Cain's mindset. Losing the way he did in the highest-profile fight MMA has ever had. Knowing that JDS can spark him out at any time. Will that make Cain fight even harder next time, or will it make him a little bit tentative?

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