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Default Re: JDS v Velasquez II

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
If you look at the top heavyweights, Cain is definitely the most viable contender. It makes sense that he gets the next shot, because who else can you give it to? Overeem is out. Cormier is tied up for at least one more fight. Werdum is fighting Russow. Barnett just lost to Cormier, and has an injury. Mir just lost to Dos Santos. Carwin hasn't fought since losing to Dos Santos. Nogueira isn't an option with or without his upcoming fight with Congo.

I would like to see Cain face the Werdum/Russow winner. Then let the winner of that fight get the next title shot. Is it fair to let the champ sit without fighting that long? Maybe not if all goes according to plan, but this is mma. Injuries frequently screw up main events.

I don't know who Cormier is fighting next, but I would like to see him face Overeem if he wins his last Strikeforce bout. Overeem will be welcomed back with open arms after his suspension, but I think they ought to at least make him fight for a title shot. Cormier only has 10 fights, but has just logged two impressive victories in a row. If Cormier wins his next fight, I'm sure the UFC will want to make him fight for their banner at least once to hype a title shot.

Only problem with this is that it isn't fair to make a healthy champion sit on his ass for most of a year, waiting for the line to get more orderly. Especially not when he has viable fights waiting.

I reckon this time next year the HW picture will be getting pretty competitive, with Cormier and Overeem into the fold.

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