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Default Re: John Sullivan In The Modern Era

Originally Posted by apollack
Today Sullivan would be a heavyweight, no doubt, and he'd knock most of these guys out without problem. He mostly weighed 200-230 pounds, at his best was in the low 200s, and only got below that for fights to the finish where he might have to fight for 3 hours, so he intentionally got down to be efficient, and also when you are running 10-20 miles a day and training for 2 plus hours a day, you tend to lose weight. If the lard asses fighting today did the same, they would slim down too. Also, if Sully had the nutrition and weight training they have today, he'd be a rock solid 230 with no problem.
A couple of questions since you have done a lot of research on Sullivan.

1. How would you describe Sullivan's style. I have never quite got my head round it from what I have read. Who would be the best comparison.

2. Sullivan's power is legendary. would he consider him to be one of the major league puncher's of heavyweight history.

3. Evaluating his pre Kilrain competition is hard due to incomplete records. What conclusions have you reached on the quality of his oposition over this period.
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