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Default Re: Journeyman defined for those who don't know

I disagree with the Boxrec Encyclopedia's definition of "journeyman".

"Journeyman" is NOT a term used exclusively for boxers. And I am inclined to dispute the claim that it originates in "along for the journey", although I am uncertain.

Journeyman is a term for any tradesman, craftsman, person of skilled profession, who is GOOD at his job but NOT EXCEPTIONAL.
It has nothing to do with winning or losing, it's about levels of skill, expertise and craftsmanship.
A journeyman is not a master at his craft, but he is proficient.

Twisting a exclusively boxing-related definition into the term "journeyman" is pointless. It means what it means. And can obviously be applied in many different contexts, because it's meaning is broad and somewhat relative.

End of lecture.
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