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Originally Posted by sud2002 View Post
Pac 8 > Froch 8 without a doubt!

If you take an OBJECTIVE view then it certainly is, some of Pacquiao's fighters were p4p at the time, whereas only Ward I would say was p4p during his time.
Pacs last 8 is devalued slightly by the ****ing about with weight shenanigans and a bit of cherrypicking.

Diaz - average world champion if there is such a thing
Oscar - Completely dead at the weight, past it
Hatton - Decent on paper but completely overmatched
Cotto - Good win but with a weight stipulation
Clottey - Meh....coming off the back of a Cotto loss
Margarito - Shop worn and weight restricted
Mosley - Utterly shot to pieces....hadn't won a fight in 30 months
JMM - Lost
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