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Originally Posted by icemax View Post
Pacs last 8 is devalued slightly by the ****ing about with weight shenanigans and a bit of cherrypicking.

Diaz - average world champion if there is such a thing
Oscar - Completely dead at the weight, past it
Hatton - Decent on paper but completely overmatched
Cotto - Good win but with a weight stipulation
Clottey - Meh....coming off the back of a Cotto loss
Margarito - Shop worn and weight restricted
Mosley - Utterly shot to pieces....hadn't won a fight in 30 months
JMM - Lost

Very unfair on Pac there Ice. The OP did mention fights that weren't easy on paper so in this case it's irrelevant how easy they were in reality

Diaz-Okay, fair enough you're right.

Oscar. Pac was a heavy underdog and it was only after the fight that people started the weight drained talk. Good fight on paper. No scratch that. Awful fight on paper since Pac was supposed to get knocked out from the first left hand that landed.

Hatton-Again, on paper he was the number one 140lb fighter. Coming off win against Paulie.

Cotto- weighed 146 for his previous fight. He only had to lose one more pound to make 145.

Clottey-Solid win against a good fighter. No worse than Pascal, Abraham or Johnson wins.

Margarito-Same old Margarito we saw in the first Cotto fight. No noticeable loss of speed, agression, stamina, still able to take plenty of punishment. Always been a human punch bag, even when in his so called prime. Maybe there was something else missing though

Mosley-fair enough, you're correct.

JMM-The OP stated results don't matter. It's about quality of opponents regardless of results, so it's irrelevant.
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