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Default Andy Hug appreciation thread

Andy Hug Appreciation Thread

Many of us were fortunate to witness at least some of Andy Hug's illustrious career that spanned 1982 to 2000, and it's probably time we had a thread where his career and life could be discussed by those interested.

In short Andy Hug was :

-> The first Swiss national to advance to the world's top ranking in Kyokushinkai Karate.

-> The first non-Asian to achieve entry to a world championship final.

-> The first non-Asian to become professional world champion in full-contact karate.

-> The first karate fighter able to hold his own against the best kick and Thai boxers.

-> The first martial arts fighter with a karate background to win the K-1 Grand Prix.

Titles won by Andy Hug :

-> K-1 World Grand Prix Champion - 1996.

-> K-1 World Grand Prix Finalist - 1997, 1998.

> K-1 World Grand Prix Last 8 - 1994, 1999.

> UKF World Super Heavyweight Champion 1994.

> WMTC World Super Heavyweight Champion.

> WKA World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight
Champion 1996.

> WKA European Muay Thai Super Heavyweight
Champion 1997/1998/1999/2000.

The word legend is bandied about far too readily at times, but Andy Hug was indeed a true legend.

What are your memories of Andy Hug? His fights? His life?
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