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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

Originally Posted by Cobra33
You know what ?I rewatched Mamby-Watkins and slowplayed it alot and noticed alot of subtle things Mamby did that when watching at regular speed I truthully hadn't noticed.
Mamby put on a sneaky little body attack that at first appears just little slaps at Watkins body.Play in slow motion and you see he's targeting Watkins solarplexus -which doesn't require 1 to have to hit at full force.
He also had a cute little habit of turning Watkins where he wanted WHILE Mamby was punching.Thats slick.
When the result of that match was reported, Mamby's superior handspeed on the inside was identified as the key factor in Saoul's win over Termite. I have often wondered what Mamby's career record might look like, if his matches where all judged by former boxers who could recognize the intricacies of his artistry.

Your astute observations reassure me that my distant memory of Saoul's craftsmanship may not be faulty after all.

Let me ask you this:

Would you have been able to discern these detailed nuances of Mamby's performance against Watkins (and others like it), if it had been recorded using hand cranked silent movie film technology from a hundred years ago, instead of the quality of reproduction you have available to review? (What might this slow-motion scrutiny suggest to you about what Jack Johnson or Jack Dempsey were actually doing in the ring?)
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